Fall 2016 Week 23: Long Finishes

For the past couple of weeks we have been stressing long and strong finishes, emphasizing the connection between the shoulders, lats and core to help maintain control of the pressure and momentum coming through the finish. Maintaining this control allows us to turn the handle around without it pushing into our bodies, and delaying our release or forcing us to throw the hands out into the next recovery.

We don’t want that, of course. We want to be able to turn the handle around and release it at the same speed it came in, without getting ahead of the speed of the boat. This requires consistency with our movements and not rushing through the finish to rush through the release of the hands.

But it’s also important to note that when we do go for higher ratings and aggressive pressure, we do need to move our hands more quickly through the finish and through the release. This needs to happen with the same type of control and consistency as if we’re rowing at a 20, even if we’re rowing at a 30. The strong finish, the tap down, the turn around of momentum, the feather – they all need to be there regardless of the rating.

Maintaining this control and consistency will allow the boat to run out as we release the hands and swing forward when the boat is traveling at its fastest point.

To highlight the control  and consistency we’re looking for through the finish and release, you can watch the video below.



Warm up: Pick drill by six followed by 10-15 stroke rotations of pauses at the finish on the feather, followed by arms away.

Workout: Following the warm up drills, we’ll take it on a steady state at 20 SPM with pauses at arms away and bodies over included throughout.

Once we spin, we’ll do a full pressure HOTA head race piece back, starting at 20 SPM, and bumping the rating throughout the piece.

Post Workout: 3 x 40 squats and 3 x 40 scullers



Warm up: Full slide strokes with 10-15 stroke rotations of arms only and bodies over included throughout.

Workout: 4 min at 20 SPM/ 1 min at elevated rate between 22 and 28 SPM.

Cool down with rotations of cut the cake.

Post Workout: 3 x 70 second planks and wall sits



Warm up: Full slide strokes with rotations of cut the cake. For the warm up, we’ll spin before the 11th street bridge and continue back towards the boat house.

Workout: 2 x 20 minutes with 5 minutes rest. Depending on heat, we can do some of the pieces by 6.

  • Piece 1: 10 min at 24, 10 min at 26
  • Piece 2: 10 min at 26, 10 min at 24

Post Workout: Stretching routine



Warm up: Pressure warm up of 50%, 75%, 90% and full at 18 SPM into steady state at 20 SPM.

Workout: Steady state at 20 SPM with rotations of pauses at arms away and body over incorporated on coach’s call.

Post Workout: 3 x 12 push ups and 3 x 40 leg lifts


Sunday – TBD