Fall 2016 Week 25: Matching Length and Building Endurance

We’ll continue to build on long, strong matched strokes and the endurance base that we’ve focused on the last three weeks.

To better match our finishes, we will use the matching tape marks that coach Nathan has set in each of the club 8s (and some 4s) to set our foot stretchers.  At your finish position, with legs down and the handle all the way into the body, your oar should be directly above the tape mark on the gunwale nearest your rigger.  Adjust your foot stretchers forward or back to make this happen.  This may be a different position than you are used to – but it helps ensure that all the rowers in each boat finish their strokes at the same angle relative to the boat – which will improve our ability to match and to maximize boat run from the finish.

Our workouts will continue to focus on endurance – with medium and long pieces primarily.  We will continue to gradually build volume (distance and time working) and intensity over the next 6-8 weeks, before tapering in preparation for the last few races.


  • Monday – warmup by sixes w/ cut the cake.  Workout: 4-5 x 12′ w 2′ rest, at moderate pace (75-80% – should feel like 6k +8-10splits), @ 20-22spm. Do a hard 20 at the 4′ mark and 8′ mark of each piece at 26-28spm, close to your target 6k pace, then lengthen back out.  3 x 20 scullies and 3 x 15 pushups.
  • Tuesday – long ‘head race warmup’ with body over pauses and high tens.  Workout: 1 x 6k at race pressure, 24-28spm.  Optional to do this on the erg (entirely your choice).  Anyone who does not want to erg – we’ll put together boats and do the 6k on the water.  The on the water piece will be about 28 minutes and may involve a wide turn or two if necessary to avoid bad water – “Occ Challenge style.”  Cooldown and stretch.
  • Wednesday – warmup by sixes w/ outside hand only drills on the square to work on good, connected and long strokes.  Workout: 3 x 15′ rating pyramids – 5′ each at 16, 18, 16.  Then 18, 20, 18.  Then 20, 22, 20.  Strong pressure at the low rates – as we did on Sunday.  3 x 15 shallow one leg squats (each leg) and 3 x 1′ plank.
  • Thursday – short ‘head race warmup’ – just up to the 500m pole past Penn Ave, spin, warmup quickly back past the dock, spin again and start first head race piece at middle ramp.  2-3 x HOTA w 4′ rest between.  22-28spm depending on boat.  Do not sprint until the end of the last piece.  Cool down and stretch
  • Sunday – loooooong row.  Made 8-9 miles this Sunday, we’ll continue to build week by week.

Extra Work

For those of you who wish to be competitive and/or wish to improve your conditioning – it is important that you do the planned workout (or one similar to it) anytime you cannot be at practice.  It does not have to be exactly the same workout, and some days you may only have time for a 30-40 minute run, bike, swim, etc.  We row five days per week, and recommend working out on either Friday or Saturday as well (so you have one “off” day).  60-90 minutes (or more) of cardio (whether erg, run bike, swim etc) is ideal and/or moderate strength and flexibility workouts – low weights, high reps – focus on abs, quads, glutes, and lats.  And we’ll post a list of suggested workouts – but any of the ones we are currently doing or that you did in winter training are good.  Do what you can – every bit helps!



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