Fall 2016 Week 28: Drive Pressure and Suspension

Focus this week on building pressure on the drive – optimizing boat speed at various rates.  We’ll continue to do alot of low and moderate rate work (12-24spm) with length and pressure regardless of rate.  Remember – when rates are low – drive pressure should generally go up – there should be a contrast between the controlled relaxation on the recovery phase and then exertion on the drive phase.

In addition to low and moderate rates, the coaches will continue to employ drills to optimize length and pressure throughout the drive.  Among these will be continued use of finish drills, also outside arm only drills to feel the hang (through the outside arm and lat) and suspension (body weight suspending – almost lifting off of the seat).


  • Monday – pick drill by 6s, then 10′ on, 2′ off at moderate rates – 18-22spm.
  • Tuesday –6k erg piece (or row on the water if you choose not to erg).
  • Wednesday – warmup by 6s full strokes with 3 rounds of outside arm only drills on the square.  Get long at the catch and feel the hang.  2 long rating pyramids of 25′ each – 5′ each at 18, 20, 22, 20, 18.  Solid steady state pressure – stay on it and increase the pressure as the ratings drop.  3 x 15 shallow one leg squats (each leg) and 3 x 20 scullies
  • Thursday – 2 x head race – short “head race” warmup up past the 500m pole and then back past the boathouse.  First piece starts at the middle ramp on the dock and ends at Haines Point (or earlier based on coaches decision).  Paddle 30 seconds and turn immediately – cross river and get ready for piece #2.  Total rest (including spin) no more than 5 minutes.  Race back from Haines Point to the boathouse.  22-28spm depending on coaches’ call.  Load trailer for Occ Challenge regatta.
  • Sunday – Occoquan Challenge regatta – no practice.

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