Week 30: Endurance and Night Cox’ing

For most boats we’ll hit our peak of mileage for the season – a little more distance and a little more intensity than last week.

As we head toward the end of the season – it’s also worth focusing a bit on cox’ing – especially at night.  For the majority of our remaining practices we will spin after the South Cap bridge (just past the stadium) in order to keep the boats in areas that have fewer unmarked buoys.

Keep in mind there are two buoys just north of the South Cap bridge (on the return course to the boathouse), but if you go thru the correct arches (1st or 2nd full arches) you will be clear of them.  There is also a large buoy near the sandbar across from the Navy Yard.  When heading toward the 11th Street bridge – point your boat to the right of the bridge, at the base of the big crane (if you can see it) gradually coming away from shore. Err toward the middle of the river.  This will keep you away from the buoy and the sandbar.  Similarly, come away from shore after the 11th Street bridge – avoiding the sandbar 300m north of the bridge.

Anyone uncomfortable cox’ing should plan to cox either on Sunday afternoon for the 430pm practice (when there is still light) and/or with SAW Sunday morning 7am.  It takes practice like anything else.


  • Monday – re-rig, then pick drill by 6s up to 11th street bridge.  Workout is 10′ on, 2′ off at moderate rates – 16-24 spm.  First piece by 6s, all the rest by 8s.  Each piece we’ll shift at the 5′ mark, coaches will give rates to each boat.  Quick spin between pieces – the 2′ rest is “active rest” while spinning.  Hard steady state pressure – work to get your heart rate up even at low rates – still building strength endurance.  Anyone who is toast from racing Sunday it is ok to back off slightly.
  • Tuesday – 2-3 mile repeat intervals with 5′ rest.  Stroke rates 24-30spm – coaches call for each boat.  Full pressure – race pace or better.  These pieces are very familiar to you now – challenge yourself to push a little harder and move the boat a little faster.  Crush it each piece – don’t save anything.  Cooldown and stretch.
  • Wednesday – warmup by 6s full strokes,  then immediately into 2 long rating pyramids of up to 30′ each.  Last week we covered 10+ miles on this workout.  First one 5′ each at 18, 20, 22, 22, 20, 18.  Second one 22, 20, 18, 20, 22, 24.  “Challenge style” turns during the piece.  Hard steady state pressure – stay on it and increase the pressure as the ratings drop.  3 x 15 shallow one leg squats (each leg) and 3 x 20 scullies.
  • Thursday – 3-4 x 12′ with 3′ rest at close to head race pressure.  Short head race warmup finishing at the marina before the 11th street bridge – full strokes all 8s, a couple “3 and pause” drills, then 2 hard 20s at 26-28spm.  1st two pieces 26spm, last one or two at 28spm, unless coach tells you otherwise.  Each piece we’ll try to shift up 4 beats with 1′ to go – try to focus on quick hands, sitting up, matching and legs.  Do this and the rating and speed follows.  Stretch.
  • Sunday – Long row – take advantage of the light and try to go to Lincoln Memorial.  Rates 16-22, shift every 10′.  Rotate thru the 6s every 20′.

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